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At BAGIT DIGITAL SOLUTIONS ,we provide information on Local and International Scholarships, Business Grants, Competitions, Contests, Internships, Volunteers, Fellowships, Conferences as well as make Academic Materials available in downloadable Ebook format.

We believe that  timely information is pivotal to your success as a student looking for Scholarships or as an entrepreneur looking for Business Grants or funding for your business idea.

Not only will you find Scholarships, Business Grants, Academic Ebooks on this site, we also provide you with information on Fellowships, Conferences, Competitions, Internships and more!



To make learning enjoyable for students, using the internet as an aid towards promoting academic excellence of students in the citadel of learning”



“To entrench a learning spirit in students, by making learning as enjoyable as possible through the use of the internet, social media and other digital tools as an aid to learning towards achieving academic excellence.”